“Reduces scan times and improves navigator efficiency” The Hayek RTX Respirator enables Cardiac MRI to fulfill its potential as a non-invasive (NI) alternative to catheterization for demonstration of the coronary arteries.

900,000 people die every year in the US as a result of coronary artery disease (CAD). Cardiac catheterization, the diagnostic standard in cardiovascular disease with over one million procedures performed annually, is severely limited due to:

There is also no adequate screening method for mild indications of CAD. The high prevalence of coronary artery disease in asymptomatic individuals creates significant demand for effective screening techniques, however the most commonly used technique, the Exercise ECG offers poor accuracy. 40 % of patients receiving an invasive angiogram following a positive exercise ECG turn out not to have CAD.

MRI procedures offer great hope in the diagnosis of CAD, but respiratory motion varying the position of the coronaries complicates MRI procedures distorting received images.

A New Approach


There is significant demand for:

Despite the rapid growth of the total MRI market, cardiac MRI has been severely restricted due to technological difficulties and cardiac MRI constitutes less than one percent of all MRI procedures representing only a fraction of its potential

The Hayek MRI-RTX offers a novel integrated approach to coronary MRI, doubling the efficiency of procedures, enabling it to fulfil its potential as a non-invasive alternative to diagnostic catheterization.

This has been achieved through the synchronisation of the respiratory and cardiac cycles and has eliminated the need for inaccurate and problematic breath holding technique used in current coronary MRI.


conventional_mriConventional MRI


MRI with RTX


The Hayek MRI RTX has the potential to open vast new untapped areas of clinical application.

The Hayek MRI RTX could be used:

Coronary MRI with synchronised respiratory and cardiac motion using the Hayek RTX respirator is: