Hayek MRTX

Recent high profile incidents have raised awareness of the acute problem of treating and dealing with mass casualty situations. One particular issue of great concern is the lack of an adequate way to deal with large groups of people requiring ventilation quickly and effectively.

The Hayek MRTX provides a real answer to this problem.

Increased numbers of people gathering at shopping centres, stadia, public transportation facilities, high rise buildings and office blocks have increased the likelihood of mass casualties situations during accidents in these places. Increased traffic on the road, air, sea and rail has added to the realistic dangers faced by large groups of the public when travelling.

Coupled with this the unfortunate terrorist threat to many countries and the often-unforeseeable threat of natural disasters, the threats and likelihood of mass casualty situations are even greater.

Features and Benefits

The Hayek MRTX Respirator offers:

  • No need for skilled medical staff
  • Effective ventilation without intubation
  • Simplicity of use even when cumbersome protective gear is worn
  • Portable – from the field to the medical centre with no need for additional equipment

The Hayek MRTX works by using Biphasic Cuirass Ventilation (BCV) (control of both inspiration and expiration)

Industries Served: The Hayek MRTX

Technical and Physical Specifications

Weight: 2.5kg
Battery: (Rechargeble) up to 4 hours
Dimensions: 14cm x 14cm x 18cm
Alternative power supply: Mains/24V option