Hayek SCS

The Hayek SCS is an easy-to-use airway clearance device that can be utilized in both pediatric and adult patients.

Unlike other Chest Percussion Devices, The Hayek SCS does not require special positioning and breathing techniques. The Hayek SCS can be used in the home-care setting as well as the Hospital. Treatment can be administered either by clinical or non-clinical personnel. The Hayek SCS is a user-friendly, fully computerized device, which has eleven sizes of cuirass enabling treatment of both adult and pediatric patients. Compact and lightweight, the Hayek SCS is ideally suited to provide Secretion Clearance. The Hayek SCS should be used when there is atelectasis, excess secretions or CO2 retention.

The main modality for The Hayek SCS is called Secretion Clearance.




Modes of Operation


The Secretion Clearance Mode consists of 2 main portions/therapies:

The Vibration Mode generates a true High Frequency Chest Wall Oscillation (HFCWO) via the cuirass shell.

Higher pressures are tolerated well e.g. +/- 15

The Cough Assist Mode mimics a huff cough to force up secretions. Using an inverse I:E Ratio with an extended inspiration and sharp expiration. The Hayek SCS facilitates mobilization and removal of pulmonary secretions.

Completion of both modes represents one cycle of secretion clearance mode. Each secretion clearance session should last between 30-60 minutes. It is possible to use higher pressures in cough mode e.g. -35 +25 as tolerated by the patient. It is helpful to introduce one or two cycles every few hours for most infants with bronchiolitis. The number and frequency of cycles can be adjusted according to the severity of the infant’s condition. Occasionally some infants cannot tolerate a full 3 minutes of cough when it is first introduced, in which case the mode setting can be changed earlier. They usually do get used to it fairly quickly.





The Clear Advantage


Patient Groups

The Hayek SCS is used for airway clearance associated with many possible diagnoses.

Primary Diseases and conditions that may benefit from The Hayek SCS:

Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia (PCD) (add hyperlink and explain why SCS works for disease)


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