BCV for Guillain-Barre

BCV for Guillain-Barre

Guillain-Barre is a disorder involving progressive muscle weakness or paralysis, usually after an infection – particularly a respiratory or gastrointestinal one. It is caused by inflammation of nerves and results in damage to the cover (myelin sheath) of the nerve. This damage causes the nerves to stop working effectively by slowing the messages carried to muscle and skin through the nerve. The symptoms of the disorder usually appear after the infection has gone and progress rapidly.

These symptoms may include muscle weakness, paralysis, or spasms; numbness or tenderness; and blurred vision.

Possible complications include: persistent paralysis, respiratory failure, mechanical ventilation, hypotension or hypertension.

Most patients require hospitalization and about 30% require ventilatory assistance.

BCV can be effectively used in Guillain-Barre patients for assisting with ventilation or providing full ventilation, thus replacing intubation and conventional mechanical ventilation, whilst relieving muscle fatigue.

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